Date: 2014
tutoring by  Prof. HANS LAMB
Cooperation: City Hildesheim, residents of Angoulemeplatz

In 2015 Hildesheim celebrated its 1200th anniversary. To commemorate this event a cooperation of the city with HAWK was set to redesign a public plaza to make it more attractive for tourists and the residents of Hildesheim.

In a group of 12 students, we aimed to create a solution, which would have been suitable for the interests of the residents, of the area, as well the city. The project was not only about designing outdoor products, but rather about the processes: group management, detailed research and analysis of problems and needs and a well organized communication between the students, the residents and the representatives of the city.

We took a very detailed look on the plaza by experiencing it with our senses (as shown below) and by interviewing the shop owners and residents to find out what made it special, what are the expectations or wishes.

After an intensive time of analysing and designing first concepts, all the interested parties were invited along with the local press to participate in the final development of the idea. After receiving their feedback, the concept was finalized and presented to representatives of the residents and the city as well as the local press.

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